Our Grassroots Program

Doing business responsibly
Fostering inclusive workplaces
Creating healthy environments
Building strong communities

Doing business responsibly

At Ecodynamics, we work with integrity, compliance and responsibility.
We accept the impact of actions on all stakeholders.
We minimise the risks to the environment and to society.

Compliance is key.

Ecodynamics’ works and operations are fully compliant with The Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (The Building Code 2016).

All business activities undertaken by Ecodynamics comply with The Fairwork Act 2009. Ecodynamics’ Landscaping Enterprise Agreement 2017-21 has been approved by the Fairwork Commission. All Awards and Enterprise Agreements used by Ecodynamics are registered with the Australian Building Code Commission as compliant.

Fostering inclusive workplaces





Embracing diversity at Ecodynamics is about more than large volumes of human resources policies and guidelines stuck on the wall of the tearoom. Celebrating diversity is always about bringing people together and giving people an opportunity to express their unique background and traditions in a way that’s good fun and inclusive.

Seeking diversity in all areas is one of our core principles and we encourage recruitment from disadvantaged groups, such as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, those with a disability, ex-auto workers, and youth.

On our Lower Lakes project in South Australia, we purposefully employed up to 15 staff who identified as indigenous Australians who helped in creating a culturally diverse workforce.

Creating healthy environments




It’s important for us to measure the use of the resources we use to enable us to set ongoing recycling & re-use targets for :
> Water
> Fuel
> Timber
> Waste
Our commitment to providing education to staff in how to reduce and recycle resources is a core part of our Grassroots program

Building strong communities

Ecodynamics supports community health and wellbeing by creating landscapes. But we don’t stop there.

We buy local, and hire local.

We support indigenous businesses.
And procure from Social Enterprises where possible and financially viable.

Team volunteering is one of our favourites too – it clearly helps out our chosen organisations, but makes us feel pretty good about ourselves too.

The icing on the cake though is our Workplace Giving Program – each of our business units determines one charity or cause and supports them throughout the year.

We’re bringing our plan into play.

A minimum % of employees on project to be Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Aiming for a % of employee upskilling and training on project.

A targeted % of employees working on project to be trainees or apprentices.

A pre-defined % of local product content vs imported product content.

A set % of Social Enterprise procurement for project

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