Used across the board by commercial & residential landscapers, developers and builders, and civil contractors involved in major construction projects.
Mossrock™ Mulch
Made from recycled timbers, pine, and bark, our quality Mossrock™ Mulch range comes in a variety of colours and have been tested to exceed Australian standards.
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Competitively priced, the EcoSoil range has the soil you need for your next project, whether it’s for planter boxes, garden or turf areas, back-filling or ground levelling.
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Our Scoria, Pea Gravel & Crushed Rock are available in a variety of grades, ready to go for your next project.
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Erosion Control
Our products are sprayed directly onto the exposed surface of the material requiring treatment - there is no drying or setting time as the product works instantaneously.
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Our experienced and qualified personnel, including horticulturists, are at hand to provide you with a tailored materials solution.

A Landscaping product for every project

We’ve worked hard to assemble a broad range of products that will help you with your next landscaping project, big or small.

Perhaps you require mulch? We’ve got more than a dozen Mossrock™ mulches you can choose from.

Need soil? Our EcoSoil range has got you covered.

We even have a range of aggregates for landscape construction.

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The Mossrock™ Mulch range

Our extensive range of Mossrock™ Mulches have been developed and perfected over 45 years. Whether you require Softfall for a playground, recycled mulch, coloured chips, or a multitude of other options, Ecodynamics have a Mossrock™ Mulch product to suit.

With South Eastern Australia’s biggest fleet of blower trucks, we can install Mossrock™ Mulches into your project quickly and cleanly. If a bulk delivery of mulch is called for, we can assist there too.

EcoSoil & Aggregates

It’s not just Mossrock™ Mulch we can blow in – our EcoSoil range and a variety of Aggregates can be installed just as effectively, whether it’s a landscaping or construction project.

Our materials solutions will ensure your project achieves long lasting, high quality outcomes for current and future property owners.

Our team works with you to understand the outcome you want to achieve, and together we tailor a materials solution that will give you the results you need.

An important part of developing this solution is visiting your site for a better understanding, assessing important factors such as climatic conditions, site access, taking soil samples, and determining project timelines.

Our proposal to you will include a full description of the works to be conducted including materials, treatments and techniques. Before we start on site you will know what you are going to get and what you can expect to be charged, so there are no surprises down the track.

Other services
With production facilities in two states and the capacity to grow over two million indigenous plants per year, the Ecodynamics Nursery works to help us realise our vision of creating Greener futures
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Our specialist Hydroseeding and Hydromulching division can tailor a revegetation, erosion control or dust suppression solution.
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Mossrock™ Mulch
Learn more about our extensive range of Mossrock™ Mulch products
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Specialist, large scale landscape construction, delivered by the industry experts
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Flexible, quick, and efficient material blowing, including our extensive ranges of aggregates, Mossrock™ Mulch and EcoSoils
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