Ecodynamics at The Landscape Show Melbourne 2021

We're back for this year's Landscape Show, the landscaping industry's premier trade event.
17 May 2021

Landscape Show Melbourne

Ecodynamics is back for its fourth Landscape Show, a one-stop shop for all landscaping industry professionals, having exhibited since its inaugural event in 2018.

Ecodynamics has the resources, the equipment fleet and the unrivalled experience of specialists in all landscaping fields including Nursery, Horticulture, Revegetation, Materials Installation and Project Management.

Come and talk to us at The Landscaping Show – we’ll have representatives from our Services, Nursery and Mulch divisions on hand, ready to show you how to get your projects completed efficiently and with ease.

Our focus for this show is simple - demonstrate Ecodynamics’ unique position as THE company that can make your project a success from design stage with Landscape Architects, right through to completion and handover then beyond, with follow-up maintenance.

And with the Construction and Development industries experiencing a post-Covid boom, we definitely want to talk to you – let us show you how Victoria’s largest Blowing and Slinger fleet can install materials into your rooftop gardens and multi-level planter boxes, and how backfilling jobs will never be a headache again.

To top it off, all the mulch, soil & native plants you require are sourced in-house – come and see us at Caulfield Racecourse on May 26 where you can personally check out quality samples with our experts.

The Ecodynamics Slinger & Blower Fleet

With our Slinger at your disposal, we can take care of all the difficult areas of your landscape and construction projects. Basements, trench backfills, retaining walls, embankments & batters, verges and edges, topsoiling works and even strategic placing of stockpiles. Our Slinger can install bulk materials easily and with precision.

The Slinger will give you the tool to get materials where your bobcat, truck and dozer can’t. Scoria, Mulch, Gravel, Sand, Soil, Aggregates – our Slinger does the lot.

Our Ecodynamics Slingers are also fully supported by Victoria’s largest Blowing Truck Fleet, in addition to our support and large tray vehicles.

Make sure you talk to our experts Jason and Angela at the Landscape Show, they’re solutions focused and will let you know how our specialist fleet can help.

Watch our Blower & Slinger Fleet installing materials
The Ecodynamics Nursery - A Social Enterprise

Our Nursery operates as a social enterprise – we’re one of at least 3,500 social enterprises operating within the State of Victoria, helping to contribute over $5.2 billion in revenue to the economy.

With production facilities in two states and the capacity to grow over two million indigenous plants per year, our Nursery will have the native plant you need for your project, in the quantities you need.

To broaden that range even further, Ecodynamics is also a licensed Ozbreed grower, which allows us to include a range of plants that is continually evolving, offering the market a tougher range of plants that require less maintenance and less water.

At this year’s Landscape Show, come and talk to our Nursery Manager Jeff about your required plant stock. Although we have a large number of plants committed to existing or upcoming projects (including large contracts to start work immediately), we have plenty more on the ground coming through, Jeff and his team can work with you on plant choice, propogation, maturation, holding and sourcing to ensure your project supply is locked-in.


Our Ecodynamics Nursery
Ecodynamics Mulch

As the largest producer of mulch in the State and all our mulch made on location across our three Melbourne production facilities, Ecodynamics Mulch supplies the full range of Mossrock™ mulches to garden yards, schools, local governments and commercial builders across Victoria.

Our extensive Mulch range includes Coloured, Bush, Bark, Enviro, Euca, Fine Pine, Recylced and playground Softfall – fully delivered and installed by our Blowing & Slinger fleet.

Drop in to see us at the Landscape Show – let Chris, Frank and their team help you with the right Mulch for your project, which will very much be about what we are trying to achieve with the landscape and what your budget is.

Our Ecodynamics Mulch production facilities
Come and see us at The Landscape Show, Wednesday May 26 at Caulfield Racecourse