Collecting Seeds and Propagating Plants in our Nursery

We collected seeds and cuttings from the Western Port Highway and propagated them in our Nursery ready to be replanted back there
25 July 2022

Before work started on the Western Port Highway Upgrade, Major Road Projects Victoria invited our crew out to collect seeds and cuttings from native and indigenous trees and vegetation that needed be removed to make way for the new intersections.

This area was soon after cleared for roadworks to remove the roundabouts on Western Port Highway at Ballarto Rd and Cranbourne-Frankston Rd. The crew collected seeds and cuttings of Acacia, Leptospermum and Melaleuca plants from the existing roadside vegetation. After a few weeks they headed back to collect more seed from various ripen spices including, Eucalyptus and Dodonea and took cuttings from Goodenia, Correa and Callistemon.

Since then, the crew have spent time propagating the collected material in our Nursery and getting the plants ready to be revegetated back on site. It was our pleasure to have The Hon. Sonya Kilkenny MP, the Member for Carrum come out to visit the propagated native and indigenous plants. We are delighted to be involved and to contribute to revegetating the Western Port Highway.


Josh and Jess collecting seeds and cuttings from Western Port Highway

Josh and Jess collecting seeds and cuttings from Western Port Highway

Species Collected:


  • Poa sieberiana
  • Acacia paradoxa
  • Acacia verticlliata
  • Dodonea viscosa
  • Leptospermum continenale
  • Hardenberigia violacea
  • Indigofera australis
  • Dianella revoluta
  • Allocasuarina verticlliata

Vegetative Material:

  • Goodenia ovata
  • Dianella revoluta
  • Correa reflexa