Fleurieu Connections

Creating greener futures through ecosystem restoration, biodiversity enhancement, and climate-resilient practices.

Discover the Fleurieu Connections Project

The Fleurieu Connections Project, led by the Fleurieu Connections Alliance (FCA), focuses on landscaping efforts along the Main South Road and Victor Harbor Road Duplications. The aim is to implement eco-friendly practices that not only beautify the area but also promote biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.

In selecting plant species, the project prioritises hose requiring minimal maintenance and watering, ensuring sustainability while enhancing natural habitat. This approach not only improves the visual appeal of the road corridors but also contributes to the long-term health and resilience of the local ecosystem.


Our scope of work on the Fleurieu Connections Project

The ecoDynamics SA team used a mixture of tub stock plants, trees and shrubs as well as hydroseeding native and exotic grasses that require low maintenance and watering. Additionally, erosion protection measure including jute matting and reno mattresses, safeguard against soil degradation, ensuring sustainability and resilience for the environment.

  • Kaurna culture in landscaping

    As part of the landscaping efforts, we collaborated with Allan Sumner, a local Aboriginal Artist and managing director of Aboriginal Contemporary Arts.

    Together, we developed a rest node, providing a space for cyclist and walkers to pause and reflect on the Aboriginal (particularly Kaurna) heritage for the community.

    The rest nodes incorporates unique features such as fish sculptures, designed to sway gracefully in the breeze,. symbolising the significance of local aquatic life as a vital food source for the traditional Kaurna community.

Scope of work stats

  • Over 100,000m2 of mulching
  • 200,000+ shrubs being planted
  • 3,500+ trees being planted
  • Over 300,000m2 of hydroseeding native & exotic grasses and bushes
  • Erosion protection such as 8,000m2+ of jute matting and 200 reno mattresses being installed