We recognise and celebrate our ability to create lasting good through our work: providing good jobs, creating healthy environments and building strong communities.
Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ecodynamics, we are focused on creating a lasting legacy of green spaces that nurture both the environment and the communities and people that live there.

We know that responsibly managing our impacts are fundamental to delivering a successful business.

We are committed to continuing to seek better ways of doing things – be it to minimise resource use, create safer environments, or to engage and upskill the next generation in sustainable thinking.

Ecodynamics supports community health and wellbeing by creating landscapes, and we strive for that every day by :

  • Doing business responsibly
  • Fostering inclusive workplaces
  • Creating healthy environments
  • Building strong communities
Purpose and Profit go hand in hand

CSR philosophies are an integral part of how we go about our work. We’re not waiting for legislative requirements, so we’re already committed in our daily practices to :

  • Recycling of oil, batteries, plastics, steel, paper, phones, IT equipment, toner and timber
  • Social Enterprise sourcing of training, stationery and catering services
  • Upskilling via our Ecodynamics Scholarship and Year 12 Horticulture student programs
  • Donating plants, mulch, time and labour
  • Re-using plastics and paper


We’re committed to helping our clients in meeting social procurement targets on their major projects, and work collaboratively to help them do so.

Our Grassroots Program
At Ecodynamics, we work with integrity, compliance and responsibility. We accept the impacts of actions on all stakeholders. We minimise the risks to the environment and to society.
Doing business responsibly
We conduct our business responsibly and create value through our ‘Buy local, hire local’ approach.
Fostering inclusive workplaces
We aim to create a welcoming culture for a diverse, engaged and skilful workforce, and help people grow their careers. We seek to be recognised as an Employer of Choice.
Creating healthy environments
We actively manage our environmental impacts and focus on creating a lasting legacy of sustainable, visually appealing landscapes, that green and nurture our communities.
Building strong communities
We seek to build robust, healthy communities, enabling our people to deliver real benefit and contribute real social value, both in our day-to-day work and beyond.
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