The EcoSoil range
Our specialist EcoSoil range has been developed over many years to provide the absolute best platform for your landscape to thrive.

Our soils are designed to be blown and perform in whatever environment you have on your project. With mix designs developed in consultation with soil scientists and input materials regularly monitored, we can consistently deliver you the soils you need.

Choose from:

Eco Premium Planter Mix (PPM)

Eco Premium Planter Mix is the premium product for shallow planters of 400mm or less, and will provide the best opportunity for plants in the new landscape to flourish. Our PPM is also the ideal top cover (0-400mm depth) for our Eco E2 Subsoil Mix for deeper planters.

Eco Lightweight Premium Planter Mix (LPPM)

A lightweight, high performance growing media that resists slumping and has a low saturated bulk density of 1.31 T/m3. An ideal media suited to interior and exterior landscapes in new and renovated commercial / residential developments and where light weight mixes are required

Eco Turf & Garden Mix (T&G)

The perennial favourite with our customers, the Eco Turf & Garden Mix is our high quality landscaping soil ideal for those areas to be levelled in preparation for instant turf/seeding or for use to build up the garden bed areas in your next project. With organic matter levels providing the balance of healthy plant growth without slumping, our T&G Mix is the product for outdoor landscapes. 

Eco Green Roof Mix (GRM)

The greening of inner city buildings and apartments by providing rooftop gardens is key to reducing power consumption and providing a more desirable environment for people to work and live. Eco Green Roof Mix provides the ideal combination of low organic matter and good drainage that horticulturists and architects require, resulting in successful green roofs that provide many environmental benefits to high density inner city living. 

Eco E2 Subsoil Mix (SSM) 

Where landscape design requires the use of deep planters, a low organic growing media in areas below 400mm is sensible. The product for this situation is the Eco E2 Subsoil Mix. Use of this media avoids soil slumping in the garden beds and the risk of anaerobic conditions that potentially can kill plant life. The ideal capping (0-400mm depth) over the top of the E2 Subsoil Mix is the Eco PPM Mix. 

Eco Budget Blend Mix (BBM)

The Eco Budget Blend Mix is designed for large scale projects (minimum order of 500m3) where broad acre application at a low cost is paramount. Ideally suited to major roads and other large infrastructure projects, the BBM will provide a reasonable quality growing media at a very competitive price.

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