This treatment creates a protective barrier, minimising soil loss from rain and wind erosion and is ideal for lawns, sports and recreation fields, parks, steep embankments, quarries and mines.

What is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching is the application of mulches, glues, seeds, stabilizers and soil amendments to the surface of the soil for the primary objective of revegetation.

Advantages of Hydromulching

  • Conventional Hydromulching is suitable for low rainfall erosive environments, where slopes are shallow.
  • Hydromulch has a higher water capacity, maintaining two and a half times its dried weight in water.
  • Seed placed at the correct depth within Hydromulch for optimal germination, protecting it from wind and birds, while providing uniform coverage.
  • Hose and monitor options allow for installation of product in steep or difficult access slopes and batters.
  • Ameliorates (including fertiliser, lime, etc) may be added to hydromulch to improve soil nutrients and as such seed germination.
  • Water holding capacity of hydromulch increases the speed of germination due to seed’s prolonged contact with water.
  • Tackifier added to the mulch creates a water stable surface capable of repeated wetting and drying, without losing strength after rain events.
  • The combination of monitor and extension hoses in our custom-built hydromulching unit allows us the flexibility to carry out work over a range of landscapes efficiently.