Native Grasses

Recent years have seen an explosion in the installation of Native Grass as awareness grows of the impacts of urban development on our indigenous landscapes.

Our commitment to Native Grass areas

With large areas of native vegetation and grasses lost under development or replaced with exotic grasses, demand for native grass solutions has resulted in seed demand often outstripping supply.

To help address the shortfall, Ecodynamics maintains a seed orchard at our nursery in Penfield, South Australia, which contains 7 species and grows enough seed to re-establish over ten hectares of new native grassland every year.

To maintain seed purity and maximise seed collection, we have implemented a number of features such as :

  • subsoil irrigation to limit weeds establishment, and
  • Weedmat Cells to limit weeds and maximise seed collection

As demand continues to increase, we are planning to expand our nursery to double the amount of seed available.