Cherry Creek Youth Justice Facility

Of the total hours undertaken by Ecodynamics on this project, 8% were performed by indigenous workers and 10% by Apprentices.
Cherry Creek Youth Justice Facility
New South Wales
South Australia
Bringing the new Youth Justice Centre's landscape back to life
Location Cherry Creek | West Werribee
Project completion July 2022
Value $2.4 Million

Ecodynamics contributed to the construction of Cherry Creek’s new Youth Justice Facility by completing the landscape aspect of the project. Symal, our client, approached us to collaborate on the landscaping for the new Youth Justice Facility.

A Community Advisory Group comprised of local residents, stakeholders, and Wyndham City Councillors was formed for the project. The group had ideas for every aspect of the new facility, including the landscaping, which Ecodynamics considered while collaborating with Symal and the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Prior to beginning work on the site, the Community Safety Building Authority conducted a number of studies on the area’s current landscape. The studies highlight the site’s important qualities and aid in reducing any impacts, such as:

  • Ecological evaluation
  • Surveys for threatened species on a specific scale
  • Evaluation of cultural heritage
  • Geotechnical and soil contamination evaluation
  • The land on which the new youth justice centre is being constructed lacks any ecological values typically associated with a Ramsar site, such as wetlands, shorelines, or important migratory species habitat.

(Information from the Community Safety Building Authroity (CSBA)).


How Ecodynamics assisted Symal to meet their Social Procurement Targets:

Ecodynamics not only provided the landscape for the new facility, but it also contributed to Symal’s Social Procurement Targets.

Indigenous workers as a percentage of all workers

  • Of the total hours undertaken by Ecodynamics on this project, 8% were performed by indigenous workers.

Apprentices as a percentage of all workers as part of the Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

  • Apprentices performed 10% of the total hours worked on this project by Ecodynamics.


Our scope:

  • Mulching
  • Planting semi-advanced trees
  • Planting shrubs and stock tubes
  • Building a root barrier
  • Providing hydroseeding
  • Implementing an irrigation system
  • Laying sports field turf
  • Maintaining the landscape

All images credit to Community Safety Building Authority (CSBA)
Video credit: Department of Justice and Community Safety
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