Sheils Reserve
Ecodynamics is transforming a rundown park into a haven for local families and wildlife to enjoy
Sheils Reserve
New South Wales
South Australia
Sheils Reserve
Location 306 Hope Street, Brunswick West 3055
Project completion June 2019

Located in inner city Brunswick West, Sheils Reserve is currently being made over with a focus on providing new play opportunities and to increase habitat for local bird life.

Ecodynamics have been engaged to construct the park, including building new spaces for imaginative and nature play, BBQ & picnic facilities, drinking fountain, connecting paths, extensive soil renewal, and the planting of new vegetation.

When considering design elements for the space, Moreland City Council gave careful consideration to biomimicry, a design practice that emulates nature’s patterns and strategies.




One of the main design considerations was to create a habitat for both insects and small birds like the Superb Fairy Wren and the Blue Banded Bee, both of which are endemic to the area. These creatures were the inspiration for the two main natural influences in the design, which are reflected in the play space and the design of the pergola.

The extension of the shelter roof mimics the ‘twiggy’ habitat of the Blue Wren in both structure and the shadow it creates on the ground, whilst the yellow rubber surfacing at the base of some of the play equipment mimics the yellow petals of the flowers which Blue Wrens use to attract females to their nests.

The Blue Banded Bee is referenced in the playground, with several graphic depictions of the insect taking pride of place on the play equipment.

Landscape Architect
Moreland City Council
Moreland City Council