With almost two decades of experience and one of the largest fleets of blower trucks in the country, we can quickly and easily install a variety of landscaping materials into your next project.
Our Services division can increase value for all our clients by delivering the majority of products and services from in-house resources and providers.

Materials Blowing

The Ecodynamics Services division provides flexible, quick, and efficient material blowing services for Commercial & Residential Landscapers, the Construction sector, Developers, Local Government and Council Service Providers.

As one of the pioneers of materials blowing in Australia, we bring 17 years of industry experience and expertise to every project and every customer we service.

We are the experts in supply and installation of all landscape & construction materials.

Let us show you how to save time & resources on your next project.


Our Fleet

Our blowing fleet includes six Blower Trucks (small and large), two Slinger trucks, and various support vehicles including Loaders, Tip Trucks and large tray vehicles.

That means we are ready to handle a variety of materials installations for your next project, whether a smaller residential job or major infrastructure project.

Ideal for all Landscapers, Developers & Builders, School Councils & Government Departments, Civil Project Contractors & Council Service providers.
Our Scoria, Pea Gravel & Crushed Rock are available in a variety of grades, ready to go for your next project.
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We are proud to be the Victorian distributor & installer of the ground-breaking Erosion Control and Revegetation Ecoblanket® process.
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Competitively priced, the EcoSoil range has the soil you need for your next project, whether it’s for planter boxes, garden or turf areas, back-filling or ground levelling.
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Mossrock™ Mulch
Made from recycled timbers, pine, and bark, our quality Mossrock™ Mulch range comes in a variety of colours and have been tested to exceed Australian standards.
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Soils. Aggregates. Mulch. All blown in cleanly and efficiently. No mess, no fuss.

Our experienced and qualified personnel, including Horticulturists, will provide a solution that ensures your project will achieve long lasting, high-quality outcomes for current and future property owners.

Our Services division has a history of forming and fostering long-term business relationships and we want our outcomes to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

These results will ensure Ecodynamics and our clients will be in the best position to receive customer referrals and future repeat business, a goal for any quality, long-term business.

With company values of Innovation, Ownership, Inspiration, Purpose & Integrity you can be assured the Ecodynamics Services division will provide a successful materials installation service every time.


You can do more top-shelf work for your clients when you use our Blowing service. No mess, no fuss - just a quality job completed quickly and effectively.
No Clean-up
There's no stockpile location to clean up, and the landscape damage from wheeled equipment running across and compacting soils & turf is non-existent. That just saved you clean-up fees to the tune of hundreds of dollars.
Occupational Health & Safety
The most important reason for using blowing services is often overlooked – safety of your people. Monotonous jobs like moving hundreds of wheelbarrow loads of mulch are the exact kind of repetitious, manual tasks that regularly injure people.
Time Savings
An average 20m3 manual installation is completed at least 3 days quicker by using our blower service, so you can quickly move onto your next project, which potentially earns you thousands in extra income.
Experience and Expertise

Our experienced team of field crews, internal support staff and Compliance & Safety officers are known for setting industry benchmarks. And when you have access to expert Horticulturists & Natural Resource Managers, it ensures the best methods and procedures are implemented on your project.

Additionally, our estimators, experienced on-site project supervisors and accounts staff ensure your projects are planned and then delivered.

On time and on budget.

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For a 20m3 Mulch installation as part of a landscape construction job by Ecodynamics Services:
Cubic Metres Installed
Blower Trucks Used
Hours Taken
The same 20m 3 installed manually:
Cubic Metres installed
Wheelbarrow Loads
Hours Taken