On the 9th story of a city building, three workers in orange high-vis are using a blower to install soil

Get high-quality, affordable garden soils and fast installation solutions like our material-blowing service. Thanks to our collaboration with soil scientists, you can rely on us for quality soil.

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Soil range

turf and garden mix soil is smooth and great for growing grass

Turf and Garden Mix (T&G)

Our Turf and Garden Mix is a high-quality garden soil perfect for instant turf, seeding or garden beds. It's great for levelling and contains organic matter for healthy plant growth. Perfect for outdoor landscaping.

Premium planter mix from ecoDynamics creates beautiful plater boxes for a gorgeous landscape

Premium Planter Mix (PPM)

Try our Premium Planter Mix. Perfect for shallow planters up to 400mm. Give your plants the best chance to thrive. Use as a top cover with E2 Mix for deeper planters.

ecoDynamics E2 mix is the perfect garden soil for growing lush plants in your garden, like these gorgeous flowers and shrubs here.

E2 Mix

For optimal plant growth in both shallow and deep planters, our E2 Mix is the top soil selection to prevent soil settling issues in your container gardens.

The plants on these high-rise rooftops shows you how perfect the ecoDynamics green roof mix is for planting rooftop gardens.

Green Roof Mix (GRM)

A low organic matter blend with excellent drainage that suits horticulturists and architects. Create green roofs that provide environmental benefits for high-density city living. 

This soil in this persons hands is perfect for planting and isn't dense.

Lightweight Premium Planter Mix (LPPM)

Our Lightweight Premium Planter Mix is perfect for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. It resists slumping and is ideal for situations where a lightweight mix is needed.

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A man shoveling a pile of of quality ecoDynamics soil, is one way to prepare the soil for it's best use.

Best uses for garden soil mixes

Soil matters. Turf & Garden product is ideal for growing in natural soil, while the E2 mix is perfect for increasing in containers deeper than 400mm to avoid the need for frequent topping up or plant damage. For the top 400mm of any garden bed, Premium Planter Mix is the best choice, and if you need a lighter mix for engineering reasons, grab our Light Weight PPM. Green Roof Mix is the perfect choice if you're planning a rooftop garden.

Discover how to maximize soils potential, here is a pile of soil getting mixed for propagating plants.

Maximise your garden soil's potential

If you’re aiming for thriving soil, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind. These include the pH level, salt concentration, and balanced nutrients to avoid deficiencies in your newly planted foliage. Additionally, the garden soil should be able to drain excess water while retaining enough moisture for the plants to access. Finally, it should be durable enough to serve your landscape as a long-term growing medium.

A large pile of soil getting put out on a table for quality testing

Benefits of regular tested soil

We mix our soil blends from different ingredients that come from various sources and may change depending on the season and inputs used. Our soil scientists regularly test and analyse the blends to make sure you have the best opportunity for your landscape to thrive. We can adjust the pH, add necessary amendments, and modify the ingredient quantity to create the perfect soil for you.

  • A slinger truck is slinging soil showing one of the methods ecoDynamics uses to install soil

    Need help installing soil? We’ve got you covered.

    We’re experts in installing all sorts of landscaping and construction materials. Our equipment is top-notch, allowing us to get the job done even in tricky spots. Let us know if you need any help sprucing up your outdoor space.

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