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Landscape construction

A construction landscaping project completed by ecoDynamics

We deliver quality and lasting landscape projects for tier 1 and 2 civil construction companies, councils, and land managers. Our integrated offering is unrivalled in the Australian landscape industry, ensuring sustainable and long-term influence on the environment and people around us.

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Our expertise

A road construction landscaping project that ecoDynamics created.


Large scale construction landscaping for the civil infrastructure industry is where the ecoDynamics story began. If you’re driving through a landscape in Victoria, South Australia or New South Wales, chances are we had a hand in creating it.

A rail construction landscaping project that ecoDynamics created.


Building landscapes in a live rail environment is complex. Our approach is always safety first and then finding opportunities to deliver around often complex infrastructure works. Our landscapes are an enduring legacy of the project, and we ensure it's a success.

EcoDynamics workers completing landscape maintenance

Landscape maintenance

We're the people you talk to if you want to establish, maintain and hand a landscape back. We've got landscaping pros specialising in designing, caring for, and restoring outdoor spaces. We know looking after landscapes is key to keeping them beautiful for years to come.

Wetlands and raingardens

We’ve constructed wetlands over the past three decades and used this experience to develop design guidelines and conduct industry training. We’ve propagated and installed millions of wetland plants. We’re not just installers, we're experts in designing and specifying water sensitive urban design (WSUD) projects.

ecoDynamics workers doing revegetation of a landscape


At our heart we’re a horticultural company and our passion is growing and planting plants. We bring techniques in bush care, revegetation and direct seeding that can establish new areas of native vegetation or sustain existing ones.


Working closely with local government, we create beautiful parks for local communities. Whether it’s a new build or renovation we have the experience, resources and team to make your project a success.

Project case studies

We have a unique end-to-end solution to landscape construction and a commitment to high-quality landscape outcomes. We create beautiful landscapes that benefit communities. Check out our latest projects.

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