the ecoDynamics nursery which shows large amounts of indigenous plants

The ecoDynamics nurseries do impressive work. We have production facilities in two states and grow over 2 million indigenous plants yearly. Our mission is to help create a greener and happier future for all of us.

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What we do

We offer various services such as plant propagation, maturation, holding, and sourcing.

We established our aquatic and native plants nursery to support our landscaping projects. But we’ve since become one of the top growers of aquatic plants and Australian native plants in the country.

Our in-house nurseries are experts in supplying large quantities of indigenous terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic plant species in hiko, tube, and 600cc community tray formats.

The crew at both our wholesale nurseries have true green thumbs and expert knowledge of growing plants. They take pride in growing all plants in a quality-controlled environment and hardening them under local conditions.

Who we work with

We work with landscape architects and designers. And during the design stage of projects, we give valuable advice on selecting the best native plants.

Our team of wholesale nursery experts will up-level your project by recommending suitable species based on various factors such as climate and soil conditions, plant origin, long-term maintenance requirements, and the ideal time for planting.

We collect and propagate species before removal for upcoming construction projects to maintain the integrity of the local flora. So we can ensure they’re not lost and can continue to thrive in their natural habitats. We aim to create sustainable and responsible solutions for the future.

Our range


Ozbreed is a plant breeding company with a focus on environmental landscaping. Their plants need less maintenance and water because they're a tough range of plants.

We're a licensed Ozbreed supplier and grower specialising in low-maintenance plants like Lomandras and native shrubs like Carpobrotus, Callistemon and more, perfect for commercial landscapes.

Green and red Australian indigenous plants

Indigenous plants

Our expertise lies in supplying large contract-grown plants of indigenous terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic species. We're the leading Australian native plants nursery of indigenous plants for Melbourne, Adelaide, and nearby areas.

Bright green aquatic plants sitting in small black pots

Aquatic Plants

We've specialised in growing aquatic plants for several years. We find and replicate rare aquatic plants for landscaping projects. We've worked on various projects, from making wetlands and rain gardens to wetland-sensitive urban design and fixing waterways.

  • Landscape construction

    You can turn to deliver your landscape projects on time and to the highest quality.
    The landscapes we deliver are our legacy and we’re committed to creating lasting greener spaces.

Our social enterprise in Victoria

In 2018, we transformed the ecoDynamics wholesale nursery into a social enterprise, and we’re proud to contribute to a better world.

We’re excited to work with our clients to make a difference. We donate 50% of our Victorian wholesale Nursery profits to Greening the West.

Planting trees helps fight climate change by increasing the green canopy cover in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We believe in doing good while making a profit.

We can combat the impacts of climate change by creating green cities that benefit both the environment and people. We work towards a sustainable future through eco-friendly solutions and plant cultivation.

We’ve donated over 60,000 trees from our wholesale nursery. And we’ve assisted with the supply of mulch site preparation to a value of $20,000 across the western metropolitan region in Melbourne.

  • 28.220

    Trees donated to community plantings
  • 5250

    Kilograms of rigid plastics recycled/reused
  • 50%

    50% of the Victorian Nursery profits donated to Greening the West projects

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Our Nurseries are located in Victoria and South Australia.

If you operate from another location, contact us to discuss your needs.