Lollypop Creek – 15 years on

It's been 15 years since we constructed the landscape at Lollypop Creek - how's it looking?
16 November 2020

Lollypop Creek Rehabilitation

Lollypop Creek, Wyndham Vale was a waterway rehabilitation project constructed by Ecodynamics in 2005.

The original waterway had been filled, concrete lined and all natural characteristics had been lost. This was a significant project for Wyndham City Council and included the excavation of two waterway areas, construction of stone lined drainage lines, installation of the path network and two pedestrian bridges, and re-establishment of indigenous vegetation. The project established a benchmark for the future stages of redevelopment of the creek.



Elevated boardwalks give people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscape

Stormwater Victoria recognised the quality of the planning, design and delivery of Lollypop Creek with an award of excellence.

The tussocks and grasses planted 15 years ago provide an understorey for the established trees above

The project has transformed the parkland into a space that is used by the whole community. Stormwater Victoria recognised the quality of the planning, design and delivery, with an award of excellence.



When we visited recently, Purple Swamp hens could be seen building nests in the deep marsh areas. I many areas the vegetation was impenetrable and is providing healthy habitat along the creek. It was hard to tell that only 15 years ago, this had been a concrete lined drain with limited environmental values.

Planted as tubes, these shrubs have grown to form a dense ground covering, suppressing weeds and providing shelter for birds and insects.
The landscape was recognised by an Award for Excellence by Stormwater Victoria, who noted the exceptional design and delivery of the project.