Flagstaff Hill Reserve

Discover the Flagstaff Hill Reserve Project.

The SA Department of Infrastructure and Transport required a quick and effective, low-maintenance grass seed solution to a rocky batter on Flagstaff Hill Reserve in South Australia.

Our SA team provided their Hydroseeding/hydromulching solution.

This solution is a method of applying seeds, stabilisers and soil amendments hydraulically to the surface of the soil for revegetation.

Our two-stage hydroseeding solution

Our SA team provided a time-effective two-stage hydroseeding solution over two days.

The first stage was to spray topsoil with a product called ProGannics.

This product was applied in two layers to give the grass roots enough soil to grow in.

Secondly, the next stage involved the use of Flexterra – a biodegradable, high-performance, flexible growth medium that aids in the prevention of erosion on a steep batter, also applied in two layers.

Our scope of work on the Flagstaff Hill Reserve Project:

  • 5,000m2 of ProGannics sprayed
  • 6,000m2 of Flexterra sprayed

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