Goodwood-Springbark-Daws Intersection Upgrade

Discover the Goodwood Intersection Upgrade Project.

New artwork is on public display celebrating our Aboriginal Veterans. The artwork acknowledges the Kaurna people who have served Australia.

The artwork features a ceremonial flame and three figures to remember and acknowledge the Kaurna people who served for Australia both in the past and present with the Australian and Aboriginal flags raised behind the artwork.

Our SA team planted and placed rocks with Kaurna cultural significance at the site

Native plants now surround the artwork in the shape of the Kauran shield and native Australian plant species associated with traditional cultural practices.

Federal Member for Boothby Louise Miller-Frost said, “Motorists in more than 60 thousand vehicles a day travelling past the monument will be reminded of the Kaurna people’s service to Australia through many generations.”

We want to thank the SA Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) for the opportunity to participate in this project.

The project was delivered in collaboration with Intract Australia Indigenous Contractors for the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and the City of Mitcham.

Our scope of the Goodwood Intersection Upgrade included:

  • Custom installation of Corten steps and garden edging
  • Granitic sand paths and step treads including base preparation
  • Supply of local indigenous plants of cultural significance
  • Supply and placement of Carey Gully boulders – selected and placed in partnership with the Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Corporation
  • Irrigation system installation and commissioning – with design and supply partner Waterpro
  • Import and spread garden topsoil
  • Installation of Iguana bench seating
  • Mulch, plants, trees, rock spalls
  • 12-month horticultural maintenance.