Landscaping the M80 Ring Road Upgrade

Discover the M80 Ring Road Upgrade Project

From 2020 to 2022, the Victorian Government undertook a significant initiative to enhance the M80 Ring Road, a crucial transport corridor aimed at improving traffic flow from the Western Highway to Plenty Road. This project included the addition of new lanes, on and off ramps, and bridges, all designed to optimise traffic management and enhance safety for commuters.

Managed by CBP on behalf of the Department of Planning & Transport (DPT), ecoDynamics was entrusted with overseeing the landscaping aspects of this expansive project. Our focus was particularly on the stretch of the Ring Road spanning from Sydney to Edgars Roads.

Commencing in June 2021 and concluding in May 2022, our landscaping efforts involved planting, mulching, and hydroseeding. These activities were strategically coordinated alongside ongoing construction works, requiring careful scheduling to minimise disruption. Our dedicated landscaping team often worked overnight when traffic volumes were low and lanes were available for safe access.

From June 2022 to May 2024, our maintenance team ensured the ongoing health and vitality of the landscaped areas along the M80. They focused on preserving and enhancing the vegetation through regular care, including watering, pruning, and monitoring, thereby maintaining both the aesthetic appeal and ecological benefits of the project.

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    Full circle moment

    20 years later

    This project held special significance for our Victorian Landscaping team, as they had previously landscaped the same area on the M80 two years prior. Landscaping State Manager, Angus Curry, began his career at ecoDynamics on this very job 20 years ago, making this project particularly meaningful.

    By contrasting the landscaping efforts from two years ago with the recent project, we vividly demonstrate the substantial impact that landscaping can have on an area. This contrast underscores not only the visual transformation but also highlights the broader environmental and community benefits that accrue from such improvements. The evolution of the landscape over time showcases our commitment to enhancing and sustaining the natural environment, reflecting the long-term positive effects of our work.

Scope of work

  • 62,000 plants
  • 58,000m2 of mulching
  • 40,000m2 of hydroseeding

Illustrating our commitment to creating greener futures in several ways

Green infrastructure integration: We incorporated green infrastructure into a major transportation project. This helps mitigate environmental impacts, enhances aesthetics, and promotes biodiversity along the Ring Roads corridor.

Sustainability practices: Our scope of work such as planting, mulching and hydroseeding contribute to sustainable landscaping practices. These efforts not only beautify the roadside but also support ecosystem health and resilience, aligning with principles of sustainable development.

Long-term benefits: Enhancing the greenery along transportation corridors like the M80 can provide long-term benefits such as improved air quality, noise reductions, and enhanced urban aesthetics creating a more liveable, healthy and environmentally friendly community.

Overall, ecoDynamics’ involvement in the M80 project exemplifies how infrastructure development can contribute to creating greener futures by integrating green practices, promoting sustainability, and enhancing environmental quality alongside essential transportation improvements.