The specialists in indigenous plants and certified as a Melbourne Water wetland plant grower

Located in the west of Melbourne in Victoria and north of Adelaide in South Australia, our in-house Nurseries specialise in large contract grown plant supply of indigenous terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic species in hiko, tube and community tray formats.

With the specialist knowledge of our Nursery team, plants for your project will be grown in a quality-controlled environment, suited for the specific climate and soil type for the job.

During the design phase, we work closely with Landscape Architects to provide the right type of advice around plant selection. Our specialist team can add value to your project by making species recommendations based upon on climatic and soil conditions, plant provenance, and advise the best time to grow the chosen plants.

Ecodynamics Nursery staff

Our Nursery has an extensive network of industry partners, and professional affiliations with NGIV and IPPS. The strength of these relationships is pivotal to our ability to meet the needs of any project specified plants, be they advanced trees, potted varieties, or rare indigenous plants.

By taking the time to understand the needs specific to your landscape, you can be assured that your project is best placed for success in the long term.

Ecodynamics Nursery
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