Empowering Growth: Revealing Strategies That Boosted Female Employment

At ecoDynamics, we’re boosting female employment

We’ve radically transformed female employment numbers within the traditionally male-dominated construction industry.

The male dominance in the Australian construction industry stems from historical, cultural, and structural factors. Traditional gender roles and stereotypes, emphasising physical strength and manual labour, historically linked construction to male attributes. The industry’s male-centric culture and workplace environment cultivated a perception of bias, discouraging women from pursuing careers in construction.

Recognition for change

At ecoDynamics, we recognise the importance of cultivating diversity and inclusion.

So, we’re playing a role in industry change by actively supporting female employment.

We identified a significant opportunity to impact the female employment rate. Since then, we implemented several initiatives, each demonstrating impressive results. Our commitment to increasing female participation resulted in a notable rise from 20% to 24% over the past four years.

One key initiative was creating flexible, part-time roles that recognise and accommodate many women’s family responsibilities. In just four years, these roles substantially grew, empowering women to effectively balance their professional and personal lives, increasing from 15 to 27 employees.

Recognising the power of representation, we created female cohorts within our teams. This innovative approach encouraged female workers to collaborate and created a mutual learning and networking platform.

We saw impressive career advancements, with several employees advancing from crew level to supervisory roles within our organisation.

Committed to boosting female employment

Our commitment to fostering diversity resonated internally and has attracted external attention. Female applicants seeking opportunities in a more inclusive business environment have approached us, reinforcing our positive impact in the industry.

As we continue pushing boundaries and challenging norms, ecoDynamics remains dedicated to creating an inclusive environment. One where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute to the success of our organisation.

Our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive future is ongoing, and we’re excited about the continued positive impact we can make in the construction industry and beyond.

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