Managing Sand and Clay Subsoils on Steep-Cut Batters

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Here’s how we managed some challenging sand and clay subsoils on steep-cut batters.

Long-term stabilisation of the batters requires the establishment of native grass and shrubs across the batters.

The batters were too steep and long to place topsoil, and the subsoils required amelioration to support plant growth.

To solve this problem, we used a hydromulch treatment that we designed in collaboration with Tract Landscape Architects and PGG Wrightson Turf.

The treatment involves the application of a topsoil replacement product called ProGanics and an erosion protection product called Flexterra.

These products were designed in consultation with soil tests and applied in two passes to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Proganics is a biotic soil media that replaces topsoil and aids in establishing vegetation by providing a substrate for plants to germinate.

One of the features of Proganics is the inclusion of biochar, a stable form of carbon created by pyrolysis, heating organic materials without oxygen. It benefits soil health by improving water retention, nutrient availability, and microbial activity.

Soil ameliorants are added to the tank Proganics mix to address subsoil issues, support long-term soil stability, and enhance plant growth.

Flexterra is a green armour solution that combines chemical and mechanical bonding techniques to stabilise the site for 18 months while the plants get established.

Both products use 100% recycled and phyto-sanitized wood fibres with 100% biodegradable interlocking fibres.

The seed mix included in the hydromulch is of hardy saltbush species, which we hope to see germinating come autumn-winter 2024.

This project continues our pioneering work in directly seeding saltbush species using hydroseed techniques.

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