With production facilities in two states and the capacity to grow over two million indigenous plants per year, the Ecodynamics Nursery works to help us realise our vision of creating Greener futures.
Our Nursery
A portion of the profits from our Nursery in Victoria are invested back into the community, supporting local greening initiatives to offset the impact of climate change and helping to realise our vision of creating Greener futures.

The specialists in indigenous plants

Located in the west of Melbourne in Victoria and north of Adelaide in South Australia, our in-house Nurseries specialise in large contract grown plant supply of indigenous terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic species in hiko, tube and community tray formats.

With the specialist knowledge of our Nursery team, plants for your project will be grown in a quality-controlled environment, suited for the specific climate and soil type for the job.

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Grown for you

Our business prides itself on our ability to self-deliver. Over the course of three decades, the Ecodynamics Nursery has become integral to the successful delivery of large-scale commercial landscapes for civil road and infrastructure projects, providing an efficient, cost effective, and fully integrated service to our clients.  We also service local government and smaller scale landscaping projects, working closely with the client and growing to meet their project requirements.

But, that’s not the only reason the Nursery exists. With the effects of climate change becoming more and more apparent, we felt it was our duty to do something about it.

With the help of our clients, we’re committing 50% or more of the profits from our Victorian Nursery to support those in our community who are contributing to greening initiatives, helping us to make our vision of creating Greener futures a reality. 

During the design phase, we work closely with Landscape Architects to provide the right type of advice around plant selection. Our specialist team can add value to your project by making species recommendations based upon on climatic and soil conditions, plant provenance, and advise the best time to grow the chosen plants.

Our Nursery has an extensive network of industry partners, and professional affiliations with NGIV and IPPS. The strength of these relationships is pivotal to our ability to meet the needs of any project specified plants, be they advanced trees, potted varieties, or rare indigenous plants.

By taking the time to understand the needs specific to your landscape, you can be assured that your project is best placed for success in the long term.

Our Nursery
Plant propogation, maturation, holding and sourcing are just some of the services Ecodynamics Nursery can offer.
Experts in large scale plant supply

We specialise in large scale contract growing, plant procurement, and plant selection & recommendation.

The Plants you need

With Indigenous terrestrial, riparian & aquatic species grown regularly to order in the format you need, we can also source other species based on the requirements of your specific project.

creating Greener futures

In 2018, our Nursery was converted from a commercial enterprise to a social one, with a vision of creating Greener futures. With a mission to mitigate the impact of climate change resulting from the urban heat island effect, our Victorian Nursery will utilise 50% or more of the profits generated to support community organisations that share our passion for the environment, creating Greener futures for generations to come.

The first such project was The Living Pavilion, a recyclable, biodegradable, edible and biodiverse event space that celebrates Indigenous knowledge systems, ecological science and sustainable design through participatory arts practice.

The Living Pavilion was designed to test, monitor and engage students, stakeholders and the general community in a range of urban greening, biodiversity, place making, social science, art and design research.

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Our social enterprise will deliver urban greening that offsets the impacts of climate change and improve communal spaces for the health of our communities by:
Financially supporting existing environmental programs which re-establish native vegetation in our urban communities.
Support local environmental groups in their efforts to offset climate change, by providing plants, materials and expertise
Use the skills, experience and resources of the Ecodynamics Group to promote the physical, mental and emotional benefits of green areas within our local communities and within the broader landscaping industry
Support our local communities by employing disadvantaged people in our nursery and wider business