Glenroy Station Level Crossing Removal

Working alongside John Holland Group, Ecodynamics is bringing the landscape aspect to life
Glenroy Station Level Crossing Removal
New South Wales
South Australia
Working alongside John Holland Group, Ecodynamics is bringing the landscape aspect to life
Location Glenroy Road Level Crossing | Glenroy Station
Project completion August 2022

Our work on the Glenroy Level Crossing Removal

As part of the North West Program Alliance, our client John Holland Group wanted a landscaping solution for the Glenroy Station area that used low-maintenance plants that could endure the challenges of a drier microclimate. The John Holland Group intended to incorporate trees, vegetation, and open green spaces into the landscape design of Glenroy Railway Station, which is something the local community values highly.

In addition, the John Holland Group planned to include plants in the parking lots and along the walking and cycling paths. The main purpose was to create a sustainable environment surrounding Glenroy Train Station that would serve to:

  • safeguard threatened species in the rail corridor, and
  • supply habitat planting to allow for the growth and preservation of existing species.

Images: Glenroy Station Level Crossing Removal Renders.

Credit: LXRA

How Ecodynamics is helping improve Glenroy Station

Following an in-depth analysis of the Glenroy level crossing removal site, we advised a planting and mulching program that would allow for strong plant development while the mulch acted as a moisture barrier, obviating the need for a watering maintenance program. For this Glenroy crossing removal project, we chose to use Mossrock’s MR1220 mulch blend since the repurposed wood will withstand wind and foot traffic for years to come.

Landscaping for the Glenroy Station Precinct

80% of the 161 trees and 24,000 grasses and shrubs that were planted around the precinct were indigenous and native species from the former Western Plains Grasslands, which is where the crossing at Glenroy Road is located. Incorporating indigenous and native plants promotes water conservation and offers natural habitats for local wildlife.

The University of Melbourne’s Woody Meadow Project is included into the landscaping precinct designs, with Woody Meadows forming the northern and southern project precincts and a ribbon of water-sensitive urban design passing through the Glenroy train station parking lots.

In addition to providing habitat planting to enable the establishment and conservation of existing habitat, the sustainable landscape will aid in the protection of endangered species along the Craigieburn line rail corridor.

View the Glenroy Landscaping Level Crossing Removal Factsheet

North West Program Alliance (NWPA)
Level Crossing Removal Project | John Holland
Level Crossing Removal - Glenroy Station
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