Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing Removal

56m3 of Topsoil and 900m2 of Hyrdromulch applied in one weekend for LXRP
Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing Removal
New South Wales
South Australia
56m3 of Topsoil and 900m2 of Hydromulch applied in one weekend for the Level Crossing Removal Project
Location Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing, Altona North
Project completion September 2020

Sandwiched between two oil refineries and accessible only by crossing live train tracks, the team from LXRP’s Western Program Alliance (WPA) asked for our help to topsoil and hydromulch a very tricky site.

Dirt mounds beside the tracks needed to be covered with topsoil and then hydromulched in order to revegetate the site, but access to the site was a key issue.

Our Services team worked closely with the construction team to tailor a solution, undertaking the works over a weekend when the train tracks weren’t in use.

This allowed for our equipment to rest across the tracks undisturbed, giving our crew direct access to the spots where the material was needed.

With 56m3 of Ecosoil needed to prepare the surface for Hydromulching, a fair bit of organisation was required to make sure the job could be done quickly and safely.

Our team made several trips from our Bayswater depot to our Brooklyn depot during the week leading up to the install, delivering the Ecosoil required and stockpiling it for ease of access.

With the blower truck loaded and on site early Saturday morning, it was simply a matter of sending our slinger truck back and forwards from site to our Brooklyn depot to reload the Blower truck on the fly.

This meant that our on-site crew could continue working uninterrupted, and allowed us to meet the tight turnaround time the project required.

The result? A tricky job completed safely, on time, and to a high standard, not to mention a very happy client.

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