Slinger trucks make landscaping easy

What is a slinger truck, and what can it do?

Slingers are a high production tool that can place large volumes of soil, aggregates, sand and other landscaping materials, keeping your site clean and free of stockpiles.

Our slingers use a conveyor-belt system that ‘slings’ or ‘throws’ materials via a boom at high-speed, either at close-range / ground level for supreme accuracy, or by reaching over barriers or obstacles (typically walls or fences) to solve accessibility problems that traditional, old-school methods simply can’t.


What’s the benefit of using a slinger truck?

Working around critical infrastructure where a service strike would trigger expensive rework and repairs? A slinger will place materials from afar and guarantee your services are safe. Our slingers are suited to building a pad on soft and wet sites, where it’s impossible to build cover any other way.

They can also be used to backfill around critical infrastructure where a service strike by conventional plant would result in damage.

The slinger will give you the tool to get materials where your bobcat, truck and dozer can’t. Scoria, Mulch, Gravel, Sand, Soil, Aggregates – our Slinger does the lot.

The slinger will give you the tool to get materials where your bobcat, truck and dozer can’t.


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    Moving bulk materials the old fashioned way is slow going, and creates spills, ground compaction, and the resulting mess that someone will have to clean up.

    Using a slinger truck - a case study

    We’re solutions focused. Talk to us about your project, and our experts will let you know how our specialist range of fleet can help.
    The Ecodynamics Slinger makes light work of big jobs
    Our Slinger has an installation speed of up to one tonne a minute, or about 15m3/hour
    A Bobcat would have to do at least 63 trips to install the same amount.
    63 round trips at 4 minutes each = 4+ hours
    Our slinger just did the same job in under an hour - no mess, no fuss