Choosing plants for your project – a case study

How can Landscape Architects & Landscapers collaborate for better long term outcomes?
7 October 2020

Landscape architecture – design that leaves a legacy

Landscape Architects use plants to create dynamic, long-lived outcomes that develop scale and complexity over time as they grow and mature. The choice of plant species and specification of their procurement and installation is one of the most important design decisions for any landscape. Decisions made and implemented during the construction phase will impact the landscape throughout its 50 to 100-year design life.

Understanding design intent from the perspective of the Landscaper

As a Landscaper, we see landscape designs at their conclusion, when months of work, engagement and deliberation are distilled down to the specification of species, container size, density and the number of plants to be installed. Arriving at this design information is a complex process that considers function, aesthetics, site conditions and management. Typically, we are engaged when the plant design decisions have been made, and our role is to deliver the design vision.

The comments, observations and advice in this paper are intended to give Landscape Architects the benefit of our experience and ensure their design vision is delivered.

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