Our impact

Two female ecoDynamics nursery workers are planting seeds to add to our impact on the environment

Promoting sustainability through beautiful landscaping, high-quality products, and plant growth. We aim to make a positive difference by providing good jobs, healthy environments and supporting strong communities. Together, we’re making the world a better place.

Purpose before profit

We’re all about making the world a greener, more sustainable place for everyone by creating a lasting legacy of green spaces.

Responsibly managing our impacts is vital to success. So we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint on the planet, create safer spaces, and teach young people about the importance of sustainable living.

Our ultimate goal is to help build healthy, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive. And that starts with designing landscapes that foster a strong sense of community and wellbeing.

Grassroots Impact Program

This program evaluates our impact on governance, employee outcomes, community involvement, and environmental efforts. 50% of our nursery’s profit gets donated to greening the urban environment with Greening the West.

Click here to see the past yearly data.

  • Governance

    Governance displays how we work within our business and engage with our suppliers, market and employees.  

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    • 98% of goods and services are locally produced
    • 99% of suppliers are Australian owned
    • 97% Australian content of goods produced
    • Commitment to social procurement embedded in business policies
  • People

    Our people are our most valuable asset, and we invest in their future. By investing in them, we're investing in the success of our company.

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    • Retained 168 jobs nationwide
    • Provided counselling service for over 9 employees
    • 317 training sessions attended throughout the group
    • 14 apprentices in training
    • 27 employees working flexible hours to support study and family
    • 24% female workforce
  • Environment

    Our environmental management system is a vital component in achieving our sustainable targets while minimising our current and future impacts.

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    • 6,868 trees donated to community plantings
    • 157,841 kg of steel recycled
    • 118,154 cub m of timber recycled
    • 6,250kgs of rigid plastics recycled and reused
    • 1,191,005 plants and trees installed
    • 23,797 tons of waste overall directed from landfill
  • Community

    We value our community so we engage with them regularly and believe in helping them wherever we can.

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    • Over 1,000 hours of time donated by our teams to community groups
    • Provide plants for theatre performances for children with disabilities
    • Since 2020, we’ve supported planting 55,461 native plants in the west of Melbourne
    • Supported charities that help disadvantaged and at-risk youth and families
    • Provided opportunities for our employees to be involved in our community support programs
  • Discover Grassroots

    As a purpose focused business, The Grassroots Program is how we measure our positive impacts on everything we do. Discover it all in this video.

Who we proudly support

Suppliers, you’re part of our team

Our suppliers and contractors are vital to our business, providing the essential resources and services that enable us to serve our valued customers. With nearly 1000 suppliers across three states, we prioritise fairness, honesty, and continuous improvement in our partnerships, similar to our approach with customers.

Read our code of conduct here.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

These are 17 goals that work together to create a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We’ve looked at our operations and identified seven goals that are relevant to our work. Head to the official SDG website for more information.

We’ve matched our Grassroots priorities with these SDGs as follows:


Unsustainable consumption and production contribute to the triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

We prioritise local materials and reduce waste to combat climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Our goal is sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, with well-paying jobs and career paths for young people.


We prioritise gender equality by providing more roles for women in our construction business, plus a flexible work environment for students and families. We also value good health and increasing people’s quality of life, so we provide counselling and training for healthy living.


We’re taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by supporting urban greening through our social enterprise.

Protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems is required to halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.  We grow threatened species in our nursery and plant them to reduce the risk of extinction.


Sustainable cities and communities are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

We aim to create sustainable cities through tree planting, which reduces urban heat islands’ harmful effects and provides accessible public green spaces.