Nurturing Harmony: The Connection Between Arts and Plants

Curious to know how we’re connecting arts and plants?

An essential part of creating Greener futures is advocating for green spaces. We seek opportunities to escape our echo bubble and talk to new audiences about the benefits of urban greening.

It started in 2018 when we partnered with Living Pavilion to build a temporary landscape at the of Melbourne to highlight the impacts of urbanisation of natural environments and climate change.

The landscape used over 40,000 plants to recreate a lost waterway. The project was a huge success, and we were keen to pursue other opportunities.

Since then, we’ve worked on several art projects, including Polyglot, which developed “When the World Turns” for kids with profound disabilities.

This project was the creation of how we’re connecting arts and plants. The show is multi-sensory and uses native plants in an indoor theatre setting to give kids a unique experience.

The show debuted in 2022 at the Arts Centre with a show that used 10,000 plants and trees.

We’re now part of an ongoing program of shows within schools and rural areas. We continue to support the show to further our vision and provide unique opportunities for all community members.

Caring for our community

We care for our community, so we engage with them often and lend a hand wherever possible.

The ecoDynamics team has donated over 1,000 hours to community groups. Since 2020, we’ve actively supported planting 55,461 native plants west of Melbourne.

We extend our support beyond environmental causes to embrace social responsibility.

By actively backing charities focused on helping disadvantaged and at-risk youth and families, we aim to contribute to building stronger, more resilient communities.

Additionally, we understand the value of employee engagement in community support.

We provide meaningful opportunities for team members to participate in our community programs, ensuring a collective effort to create positive change.

Want to know more about the charities we support?

Head to our impact page for more information.