Training and Support: The Fuel to a Brighter Future

Commitment to training and support

What if we train our people, and they all go? What if we don’t and they stay?

Our business is a highly skilled and highly compliant environment. To keep our team current, we offer training and support to stay up-to-date in their roles.

Training helps employees learn new skills to do their jobs and general work and life skills to help them navigate their careers.

Regular training courses are essential in a landscape construction company for various reasons. They ensure employees stay up-to-date with industry trends and techniques and enhance their skills and expertise.

Training facilitates adaptation to evolving technologies, ensuring employees are proficient with the latest tools and methods. Maintaining a commitment to quality standards is vital for customer satisfaction, and regular training contributes to consistently high-quality work.

Additionally, training sessions boost employee morale and job satisfaction, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Training and support over the past six years

We sent each employee 1.5 training courses yearly. In 2023, the average was up as we did some post-COVID catch-up on training.

In addition to this training, we have between 8 and 10% of our team participating in an apprenticeship. Plus, plenty of people are working part-time to support further study.

We prioritise the well-being of our team members, attracting individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our team spans from trainees to mature-aged individuals, all united by a shared passion for nature.

Our inclusive and supportive culture is a source of pride, particularly for women seeking a more balanced work/life equation.

Well-known for our flexible work arrangements, we empower our employees to engage in further studies, provide for their families, and care for their personal needs.

Benefits of working for us:

  • respect
  • good wages
  • diversity
  • supportive leadership
  • opportunities to grow
  • flexibility

We’re regularly looking to expand our workforce. You’ll get much more than a landscaping job working with us.

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