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Mossrock™ Bark Products
The durability of our Mossrock™ Bark products will keep your landscape looking better for longer. Choose from: Mossrock™ Bark Blend A unique combination of mulches provides aesthetic appeal at an attractive price point Mossrock™ Pine Bark Long lasting premium mulch, suitable for a variety of applications Mossrock™ Hogged Bark A natural and refined mulch, designed to compliment the natural surrounding landscape
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Mossrock™ Bush Mulch
A great choice for the budget-conscious, this natural mulch is comprised of aged branch and leaf matter. Perfect for native gardens due to its ability to easily blend in with the environment and surrounds, Mossrock™ Bush Mulch combines aesthetics with the added benefits of weed control and moisture retention.
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Mossrock™ Coloured Mulches
Available in a variety of colours , Mossrock™ Coloured Mulches are ideally suited to a modern landscaping aesthetic. The preferred choice of Landscape Architects, Mossrock™ Coloured Mulches enhance the visual effects of a landscape by highlighting and contrasting the natural hues of the surrounding foliage. Available Colours/Sizes: River Gum Red (12mm & 20mm blend) Black (12mm & 20mm blend) Forest Brown (12mm & 20mm blend) River Gum Red Chip
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Mossrock™ EnviroMulch (Freeway Mulch)
Ideal for large scale landscape areas such as freeways, Mossrock™ EnviroMulch (also known as Freeway Mulch) is our most economical product. Ranging in size from 5 – 150mm, Mossrock™ EnviroMulch is hardwearing, lasting for up to two years.
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Mossrock™ Euca Mulch
Made from virgin eucalyptus wood in a chipped form, Mossrock™ Euca Mulch is an organic light brown mulch well suited to native gardens and general landscaping. The natural oil in Mossrock™ Euca Mulch provides a pleasant odour, with the added benefit of retarding insects.
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Mossrock™ Fine Pine Mulch
Perfect for larger landscapes where a high quality finish is required, Mossrock™ Fine Pine Mulch is ideal for pathway and recreation areas that are exposed to high foot traffic.
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Mossrock™ Recycled Mulch
Made from quality recycled timber, Mossrock™ Recycled Mulch diverts waste timber from the construction industry that would otherwise go to landfill. Highly sought after for larger Landscaping Projects, this recycled timber will last years, resisting wind and foot traffic. Available Sizes: 12mm 20mm
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Mossrock™ Softfall
The preferred product of Local Governments & Schools, Mossrock™ Softfall is made of clean fresh virgin pine and is safe to handle, providing the ideal impact-absorbing Playground undersurface. Mossrock™ Softfall is tested to Australian Standards AS4422:2016 and AS4685.0.2017 by Acoustoscan under laboratory conditions as required by both standards. These standards test Mossrock™ Softfall for use in playgrounds to standard fall heights.
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creating Greener futures
Victoria's largest timber recycler

Mossrock™ Mulch was born from humble beginnings in the 1960’s, when mossy rocks and boulders were collected from paddocks in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and sold to local landscapers.

Fast forward fifty years and Mossrock™ have evolved from once collecting rocks to the largest producer of mulch in the State, supplying the full range of Mossrock™ mulches to garden yards, schools, local governments and commercial builders.

With all our mulch made on location across our three Melbourne production facilities, we’re the largest recycler of waste timber in Victoria, diverting over 45,000 tonne of timber from landfill in 2018 alone.

Need Mulch? Mossrock™ has got you covered.

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