Mossrock™ Recycled Mulch

One of our most popular products, Mossrock™ Recycled Mulch is made from quality waste timber recycled into mulch. Not only good for the environment, its also ideal for landscaping large areas.

Made from quality recycled timber, Mossrock™ Recycled Mulch diverts waste timber from the construction industry that would otherwise go to landfill. Highly sought after for larger Landscaping Projects, this recycled timber will last years, resisting wind and foot traffic.

Available Sizes:

  • 12mm
  • 20mm
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    No matter what type of Landscaping product you're after, Ecodynamics has something to suit.
    Mossrock™ Euca Mulch
    With it's natural colour and pleasant smell, Mossrock™ Euca Mulch is the ideal choice for garden beds.
    Mossrock™ Fine Pine Mulch
    Need a high quality finish for a high foot traffic area? Mossrock™ Fine Pine is right for the job.
    Mossrock™ EnviroMulch (Freeway Mulch)
    The perfect choice for large scale areas, this is one of our hardest wearing mulches.
    Mossrock™ Bush Mulch
    The perfect choice for native gardens, this mulch has a distinctly natural appearance.
    Mossrock™ Bark Products
    The durability of our Mossrock™ Bark products will keep your landscape looking better for longer.
    Mossrock™ Softfall
    Tried and tested to the highest Australian standards, Mossrock™ Softfall has been keeping kids safe from playground rough and tumble for nearly 50 years.
    Mossrock™ Coloured Mulches
    Ideal for contemporary garden designs, our Mossrock™ Coloured Mulch is a blend of 12mm and 20mm pieces, available in a variety of shades.
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