Mossrock™ Mulch

Made from recycled timbers, pine, and bark, our quality Mossrock™ Mulch range comes in a variety of colours and have been tested to exceed Australian standards.

Victoria’s largest timber recycler

Mossrock™ Mulch was born from humble beginnings in the 1960’s, when mossy rocks and boulders were collected from paddocks in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and sold to local landscapers.

Fast forward fifty years and Mossrock™ have evolved from once collecting rocks to the largest producer of mulch in the State, supplying the full range of Mossrock™ mulches to garden yards, schools, local governments and commercial builders.

With all our mulch made on location across our three Melbourne production facilities, we’re the largest recycler of waste timber in Victoria, diverting over 45,000 tonne of timber from landfill in 2018 alone.


Need Mulch? Mossrock™ has got you covered.
Mossrock™ Euca Mulch
With it's natural colour and pleasant smell, Mossrock™ Euca Mulch is the ideal choice for garden beds.
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Mossrock™ River Red Gum Chip
Love the aesthetic of a red garden bed? Our River Red Gum Chip offers the ideal solution in a vivid red hue.
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Mossrock™ Fine Pine Mulch
Need a high quality finish for a high foot traffic area? Mossrock™ Fine Pine is right for the job.
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Mossrock™ EnviroMulch
The perfect choice for large scale areas, this is one of our hardest wearing mulches.
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