AILA Victoria: Landscape Restoration for a Changing Climate

The use of shrubs in constructed environments
5 July 2022

Ecodynamics was pleased to participate in the AILA Victoria Environment Subcommittee’s webinar on landscape restoration for a changing climate.

The webinar was based on the themes of exploring vegetation selection for a changing climate.

The webinar focused around the following questions/topics:

  • Do we need to start changing the way we think about designing to repair landscapes now that temperatures are rising and climate anomalies are happening more frequently?
  • How can we reconcile conflicts between returning landscapes to their state before white settlement and the fact that climate zones are changing and might no longer be able to maintain the plant communities of 1788?
  • What about urban landscapes as we work to maximise biodiversity and develop resilience?
Jeff Beavis, our Nursery Manager, spoke on behalf of Ecodynamics about the benefits of using shrubs rather than grasses in constructed environments.

Jeff identified five advantages shrubs can provide in these environments:

  • They offer great diversity
  • Each individual plant covers a significant area
  • Shrubs are in the environment 24/7
  • They grow equally well in mulch beds, jute matted beds or bare areas
  • They restrict weed growth

Along with Jeff, we had speakers from various organizations, including Tom Fairman from Melbourne University’s Wildfire Futures, John Fitzgibbon from Metro Trees, and Brendon Burke from the AILA Vic Environment Committee.

To watch the recording please click below:

AILA Vic Landscape Restoration for a Changing Climate Webinar Recording