Eye-opening case study for a 20m3 mulch installation

Which is better, DIY mulch or the ecoDynamics blower truck?

Let’s find out who wins. Here’s a hint…installing mulch in only 3 hours with a blower truck. It’s a no brainer.

Many folks want to spruce up their garden beds with 20m3 of mulch. But getting it there can be a hassle. We did a study comparing using a wheelbarrow to our blower truck, and let us tell you… The truck’s the way to go. It’s more efficient, effective and saves you time and money in the long run. Trust us. It’s worth it.

This case study highlights the benefits of using a blower truck that far outweighs the time and financial investment of a do-it-yourself approach.

DIY method of moving and installing mulch

Firstly, you’ll need to arrange delivery from the local landscape supplier. Once delivered, the mulch gets stockpiled 50m away. Then an employee, most likely your apprentice, spends the next 4 days installing the mulch into the garden beds using a wheelbarrow. That’s four whole days. Bet you didn’t think it would take that long…

Let’s do some quick calculations: 

  • 1m3 mulch = 13 wheelbarrow loads
  • 20m3 mulch = 260 wheelbarrow loads
  • And those wheelbarrows all need to be loaded via a fork or spade = which requires lots of effort
  • The wheelbarrow moves 50m from the mulch stockpile to the garden beds
  • Mulch is unloaded and spread evenly over the garden beds
  • The wheelbarrow moves 50m back to the stockpile
  • Now repeat that 260 times

50m to the garden bed, 50m back to the stockpile. That’s 100m per trip. Done 260 times – you’ve just moved 20m3 of mulch 26 kilometres. That’s more than a half-marathon moving mulch. Nuts, huh?

And we’re assuming an average time per wheelbarrow load of just over 7 minutes. That’s quick, considering you also have 100 metres of distance to cover.

By the end of the day, we’re betting that’s 10 minutes per load due to fatigue. Realistically, a manual installation just blew itself out to 5 days. Is this the best use of your time? Your apprentice’s time? We can’t imagine so.

What if you could get this done in 3 hours?

  • We source and supply the mulch direct
  • We organise all the permits and the traffic management in advance
  • Our Blower Truck arrives outside your project site, 50m from the garden beds
  • We move our Blower Truck hoses from the truck to the garden beds
  • We blow the mulch directly onto the garden beds
  • We clean, pack up and leave.
  • All in 3 hours – that’s a saving of 3.5 days

Can your apprentices and employees handle moving the mulch?

Sure, they can. But it depends on the distance they need to move it and the terrain they’ll be dealing with. It’ll take more effort and time if it’s uphill or they need to go through someone’s house. Wheelbarrows won’t help there. Or worse, it’s a rooftop garden 20 storeys high! Wheelbarrows just won’t cut it. Plus, leaving the mulch outside unattended could attract some unwanted attention from sneaky neighbours or thieves.

But most importantly, you don’t want your workers getting hurt doing repetitive tasks like moving 260 wheelbarrow loads of mulch.

Can we be honest? It’s probably not worth it. Our blower truck team can quickly and easily move and install landscape materials PLUS save you time and money in the process.