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Ecodynamics has developed a number of hydromulching and hydroseeding spray-on technologies specifically for revegetation, erosion and sediment control, and dust suppression.
This treatment creates a protective barrier, minimising soil loss from rain and wind erosion and is ideal for lawns, sports and recreation fields, parks, steep embankments, quarries and mines.
An effective method that can be applied to difficult sites, providing the client with a number of advantages over conventional seeding.
Erosion Control
Our products are sprayed directly onto the exposed surface of the material requiring treatment - there is no drying or setting time as the product works instantaneously.
Native Grasses
Recent years have seen an explosion in the installation of Native Grass as awareness grows of the impacts of urban development on our indigenous landscapes.
Experience and Expertise

Our dedicated Customer Service department includes Natural Resource Scientists and Horticulturists, whose vast experience in establishing turf, native grass and native bushland gives you a distinct advantage, with a broad skill-set that allows us to solve any problem we encounter onsite.

At your disposal is custom-built equipment with two tank sizes – the large tank increases the speed and efficiency of application on large sites, but the smaller tank allows for ease of access in restricted height/access areas. This means we can undertake any scale of work in a safe and efficient manner, while meeting project deadlines.

Our people and equipment are deployed across three States, with our innovative approaches allowing us to combine solutions, resources and smarts.

Hydroseeding Australia

This transformational treatment, and its closely-associated application Hydromulching, is an ideal solution for sports and recreation fields, parks, steep embankments, quarries and mines.

A successful Hydroseeding project will give back to the community – and the environment.

Hydromulching Australia

Dust, Sediment and Erosion Control are an issue that has become extremely important when managing projects throughout the mining and civil industries due to Health and Safety concerns, EPA regulations and also to assist with productivity.

Ecodynamics can assist on these critical matters with an innovative solution perfect for construction sites, broadacre (farm), tailing dams, exposed slopes and materials, dam walls and stockpiles.

What we offer
These are immediate, quick and easy solutions to apply, which can prevent EPA and OHS fines and notices. They are cost-effective alternatives to many other environmental site control solutions.
Site Stabilisation
We offer long-term and immediate Site Stabilisation works using either vegetative cover or specialist polymer products for protection against wind and rain erosion episodes.
Specialist Treatments
We work with suppliers and their products to help you select and apply the right specialist product and application method for your project.
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Like to know more about hydromulching and hydroseeding? We're here to help. Send us through your query and we'll get back to you with a tailored solution that's just right for your revegetation project.


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    The best results will be achieved by tailoring a solution to each particular site.

    Our techniques are at their most cost-effective in areas difficult to access, having irregular terrains or where conventional surface preparation is impractical, such as mines and quarries, steep roadside batters, forests after bushfires and water affected ground.

    Our Native Seed nurseries are meeting the demand caused by the explosion in awareness of native grass installation. With seed demand now often outstripping supply, our commitment to this solution will help alleviate the impacts of urban development on our indigenous landscapes.

    We can work with you to review the conditions on your site, identify suitable and available plant and grass species, then look at the installation methods and follow up maintenance to make sure your project is a success.

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