Erosion Control

Our products are sprayed directly onto the exposed surface of the material requiring treatment – there is no drying or setting time as the product works instantaneously.

Our Erosion Control process

We’ve developed a number of hydromulching and hydroseeding spray-on technologies, specifically for large-scale applications on major earthworks projects where revegetation is the principal strategy for erosion control and where time and cost are critical.

Rather than using built structures, such as masonry walls, we use ‘green’ anti-erosion surface stabilisers.

The foliage protects the surface layer and the root system binds the soil substructure and with the right choice of ingredients, excellent erosion control can be achieved in quite varied climates and local conditions.

Special slurries have been formulated to instantly stabilise and protect erosion susceptible surfaces whilst holding seeds close to the earth so they can germinate and facilitate growth of protective leaf and root structures.

The technique is even more cost effective in areas difficult to access, having irregular terrains, or where conventional surface preparation is impractical (e.g. mines and quarries, steep roadside batters, forests after bush fires and water affected ground).

Advantages of Erosion Control

  • Suitable for all forms of exposed embankments, slopes, dam walls and stockpiles
  • Environmentally safe
  • No drying or setting times
  • Effective immediately on application
  • Can be applied during rain events with no effect to performance
  • Protection against wind and rain erosion episodes for up to 3 months.
  • Immediate, quick and easy to apply solutions
  • Prevent EPA and OH&S fines and notices
  • Cost effective alternative to many other Environmental Site Control Solutions